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Toyota Premio price in Bangladesh: features, price & 5 alternatives

Toyota Premio price in Bangladesh: features, price & 5 alternatives

Toyota Premio Price in Bangladesh

The latest Toyota Premio price in Bangladesh is dynamic.


The people in our country generally like cars that are reliable, safe, easy and cheap to maintain, comfortable yet family friendly. That’s the key reason why Toyota is so widely sold in Bangladesh.


Though I think price of Toyota is quite overpriced compared to other countries. However, it is quite reliable and has a great resale value around the world.

Toyota Premio Review

The Toyota Premio is a comfortable midsize sedan car. There is a strong demand for this type of car in Bangladesh.


After 20 years on the market, Toyota has decided to stop manufacturing the Toyota Premio in 2021.


According to Bangladesh car import law, cars can be imported up to 5 years after it’s production, so the Toyota Premio 2021 will be eligible for import till 2026.


The history of Toyota Premio:

 First Generation (2001–2007):


The Toyota Premio replaced the Toyota Corona Premio when it came out in 2001. It was made to be a small luxury car and was put above the Toyota Corolla in the list. The first-generation Premio had a roomy and comfortable interior, a variety of engine choices, and a focus on fuel efficiency. Check out first generation Toyota Premio price in Bangladesh.

First generation Toyota Premio exterior
First generation Toyota Premio interior image

Second Generation (2007-2016):

The second-generation Premio came out in 2007. It still put a lot of emphasis on comfort and functionality, but the look and functions were updated. The inside was made to be more current and comfortable to use. During this time, the Premio became more famous in Japan and a few other places. Check out second generation Toyota Premio price in Bangladesh.

Second generation Toyota Premio exterior

Third Generation (2016-2021):

The third-generation Toyota Premio came out in 2016. It kept up the practice of making driving a pleasant and high-class experience. The design was changed to fit with Toyota’s current style, and the car probably had advanced safety features and technology choices. Check out third Generation Toyota Premio price in Bangladesh.

Third generation Toyota Premio exterior

In the course of 20  years, Premio get facelifted twice. In year 2010 and 2016.

The Colors Available for Toyota Premio.

    • Toyota Premio Attitude Black Mica


  • Toyota Premio Attitude Black Mica color image


    • Toyota Premio Dark Sherry Mica Metallic


Toyota Premio Dark Sherry Mica Metallic color image

    • Toyota Premio Dark Red Mica



Toyota Premio Dark Red Mica color image 



    • Toyota Premio Suoer White II

Toyota Premio Super White II color image


    • Toyota Premio Blackish Ageha Glass Flake

Toyota Premio Dark Sherry Mica Metallic color image

Toyota Premio Price In Bangladesh

Toyota Premio price in Bangladesh can be around 20 Lakh to 43 Lakh depending on the Packages, models and features.


Check out the pricing table below for individual pricing.

Market Price 2016
Market Price 2017/18
Market Price 2019
Market Price 2020
Market Price 2021
Toyota-Premio F
26 Lakh
27.5 Lakh
30 Lakh
31 Lakh
35 Lakh
Toyota-Premio FL
27.5 Lakh
29 Lakh
31 Lakh
32.5 Lakh
38 Lakh
Toyota-Premio F-EX
30 Lakh
32 Lakh
35 Lakh
36.5 Lakh
43 Lakh

Which package is best in Toyota Premio?

You may have already seen that there are 3 versions available to purchase which are,


Toyota-Premio F, Toyota-Premio FL & Toyota-Premio F-EX.


Among these 3 package, “EX” is the best version Toyota has to offer to its consumer base.


From Toyota website maintenance packages, We have found that Toyota-Premio “EX” package comes with some advanced features like:

  • Driver Start Control  (monitoring gear changes while driving)
  • “Nano E”, Smart entry & start system (click to See it in action)
  • Anti-theft system
  • Idle stop function
  • UV cutting front & rear glass
  • Bi-Beam LED Headlamp
  • Automatic air conditioner (Pollen Removal mode included)

Check out our top picked low price used cars in Bangladesh list: 


Low price used car in Bangladesh

Some great alternatives of Toyota Premio in Bangladesh.

1. Toyota Allion:

Toyota Allion Car picture and price in bangladesh

Whenever someone choosing Toyota, they definitely confused with Toyota Allion with Toyota Premio. They are pretty similar in many thing.


The main difference between them are the price. Toyota Premio is considered more luxurious than Allion. Which raise the price a bit.


Watch the video about Toyota Allion VS. Toyota Premio.

Premio VS. Allion pricing

Toyota Premio Price F-EX
Toyota Allion G Plus
35 Lakh
34 Lakh
38 Lakh
35.5 Lakh
43 Lakh
37 Lakh

Features comparison

  • Both have 1500cc 4-cylinder 16-valve DOHC engines. 
  • Similar power output of around 109 horsepower.
  • Share the same 1NZ-FE engine.
  • Both come with front-engine, front-wheel drive, and 5-speed manual transmission.
  • Premio has a slightly higher top speed of 185 km/h compared to Allion’s 180 km/h. (Probably because of the weight reduction)
  • The LED lights built into the Toyota Allion give it a luxurious and sporty look that is popular with young car guys. Toyota Premio, on the other hand, is a sleek family car that experienced drivers like.
  • Allion has a tampered back end, rear frames that cantilever. while, Premio has character lines that go horizontally and side safety molding.

2. Honda Accord:

Honda Accord car picture and price in bangladesh

Honda Accord is a family car and top value in comparison to Toyota.


Honda is the one for the younger generation who love sporty looks. There is a significant difference in price too. However, the looks can draw attention to anyone near it.

Toyota Premio VS. Honda Accord pricing

Toyota Premio Price F-EX
Honda Accord Turbo
43 Lakh
56 Lakh

Features comparison

  • Honda Accord has a sporty and stylish design which attracts literally everyone whereas Toyota Premio has a sleek design suitable for families.
  • Honda Accord has an Infotainment modern technology with connectivity. Toyota Premio has a practical and user-friendly infotainment
  • There is no doubt in Bangladesh, Toyota car has more resale value in comparison to Honda cars. Though both of the cars will have same type of depreciation, Toyota Premio will have higher resale value.
  • Toyota Premio has less top speed than Honda Accord turbo at 185km/h where Honda accord has 198km/h.

3. Toyota Camry:

Toyota Camry car picture and price in bangladesh

Toyota Camry has been a popular choice for car enthusiasts for many years.


Toyota Premio and Toyota Camry has different fan base still in the same category as both of them are sedan offered by Toyota motors.

Learn more about Toyota Camry

Toyota Premio VS. Toyota Camry pricing

Toyota Premio Price F-EX
Toyota Camry G
43 Lakh
64 Lakh

Features comparison

  • The Toyota Camry can be more expensive than the Premio, especially with the higher trim levels and more advanced features which makes it more pricey than Toyota Premio.
  • Generally Toyota Premio offers better fuel efficiency compared to the Camry, especially with its smaller engine options.
  • Toyota Premio might not offer as powerful engine options as the Camry If engine is your main priority.
  • Toyota Camry offers more powerful engine options and a sportier driving experience, especially with the V6 engine than Premio.
  • Premio is a family friendly which most Bangladeshi wants to buy more than a powerful car like Toyota Camry which is mostly suitable for young generation.

4. Honda Grace:

Honda Grace car picture and price in bangladesh



Honda Grace is a compact sedan car. Honda Grace is full of advance technologies with fuel efficiency which making it very demanding in the crowd.

Check out the video about Toyota Grace VS. Toyota Premio

Toyota Premio VS. Honda Grace pricing

Toyota Premio Price F-EX
Honda Grace
43 Lakh
28 Lakh

Features comparison

  • Honda Grace is Extremely affordable in comparison to Toyota Premio with similar features.
  • Honda Grace is also offers a range of modern features, including advanced infotainment and safety technologies.
  • Well, Toyota Premio has a great resale value compared to Honda Grace.
  • Honda Grace is known for its fuel-efficient engines, which is advantageous for city driving in traffics.
  • Toyota Premio provides more interior space compared to compact sedans like the Honda Grace.
  • Toyota dashboard is straight forward while Honda dashboard light can be confusing for newbies

5. Mazda 6:

Mazda 6 car picture and price in bangladesh

The Mazda 6 is known for its engaging and sporty driving experience, with responsive handling and precise steering.


Mazda 6 offers a well-designed and high-quality interior with premium materials and attention to detail.

Check out the video about Toyota Premio VS. Mazda 6

Toyota Premio VS. Mazda 6 pricing

Toyota Premio Price F-EX
Mazda 6
43 Lakh
26 Lakh
  • While sporty, the Mazda 6’s focus on driving dynamics might result in a slightly firmer ride compared to Toyota Premio.
  • While stylish, Toyota Premio’s design might be perceived as more conservative compared to the Mazda 6.
  • Mazda 6 is much affordable than Toyota Premio.
  • Mazda 6 might not have a great resale value as strong as Toyota Premio.

Is Toyota Premio a luxury car?

Toyota is considered as a Upscaled and luxurious compact sedan in the car market of Bangladesh.

Toyota Premio is dominating the car market in Bangladesh since the beginning,


Now it is being discontinued which made it even more appealing for the large customer group. With its comparability, exceptional design and brand reputation, Toyota Premio has cemented its place in the heart of customers.

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[…] Toyota premio price, features and other great options […]


[…] Toyota premio price, features and other great options […]


[…] Toyota premio price, features and other great options […]

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