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11 Car under 10 lakh in Bangladesh with sunroof – number 3 is best

11 Car under 10 lakh in Bangladesh with sunroof – number 3 is best

11 Car under 10 lakh in Bangladesh with sunroof

Are you looking for a car under 10 lakh with sunroof?

Well, it is quite obvious that you can’t get a new car in this budget but there are some used cars which can be your great options.

Is there a better view than bending over and staring straight into the clear sky during a long drive? Probably not! Therefore, sunroofs are the feature most car buyers are looking for today. If you’re one of them but don’t have the budget for that luxury car accessory, you’re in luck. Used cars with sunroofs can be a cheap alternative. we have gathered 11 Car under 10 lakh in Bangladesh with sunroof. These are top pick for 2023- 

Honda CRV 2002:

Car under 10 lakh with sunroof
Honda cr-v

Honda CR-V is a reliable and spacious car under 10 with sunroof. The CRV is a dependable performer that starts up without fail and is enjoyable to drive. There isn’t much the large trunk cannot accommodate. It has low gas mileage and high space above ground clearance. It is excellent on jeep routes.

  • Top speed: 129 km/h
  • Price: 7 lakh to above

Nissan maxima 2002:

Car under 10 lakh with sunroof
NIssan Maxima

Nissan Maxima is a dependable car. You can pass slower-moving cars with ease if you have a powerful V6 engine. Nissan’s 4-door sports car is enjoyable to drive and fuel-efficient at 87 octanes. Everything, even the moon roof, is powered. It is a great option for you because it’s cost-efficient and easily falls under a car under 10 lakh with sunroof.

  • Top Speed: 235 m/h
  • Price: 8 lakh and above

Nissan cefiro2002-03:

car under 10 lakh with sunroof
Nissan cefiro

When it comes to a reliable car with a decent look, ferocious speed, and great suspension, Nissan is undoubtedly a good choice. Effortless while driving. Good for extended drives due to its high ground clearance, comfortable seats, and fully loaded equipment. Very good suspension quality. The sales service is excellent. Nissan cefiro can be a great option for a car under 10 lakh with sunroof. 

  • Top Speed: 214 km/h
  • Price: 6 to 8 lakh

Hyundai Santa FE:

Car for sale BD
Hyundai Santa FE

According to the consumer reports magazine, the Hyundai Santa Fe is the second-best vehicle in its class. It comes in second place, just behind the Honda CR-V. It has a better guarantee overall and is a little roomier than the CR-V. Additionally, CR-V was slightly more expensive. Hyundai was not given high marks in the past, but they have significantly improved recently.  It is a 7-seater car.

  • Top speed: 209 km/h
  • Price: 9 to 11 lakh

Honda Legend 2003-05:

car under 10 lakh with sunroof
Honda Legend

When it comes to Honda cars, everyone knows they will be reliable, no doubt! Honda legend has an excellent sound system, luxurious interior, an extensive list of standard features, a powerful V6 engine, and a smooth-shifting six-speed manual.  You can also go for honda Acura but it is hard to find in the marketplace so we didn’t add it.

  • Top Speed: 215 km/h
  • Price: 8 lakh and above

Honda airwave 2005:

Car under 10 lakh with sunroof
Honda Airwave

Honda cars are known for their reliability. The honda airwave’s best features are great fitness, nice exterior, acceleration, and of course big sky-roof. Honda airwave can be your best companion for a car under 10 lakh in Bangladesh.  This car has a lot of back storage. Nice to drive with a beautiful sunroof.

  • Top speed: 167 km/h
  • Price: 7 to 9 lakh

Honda Accord 2004:

honda accord
Honda Accord

Honda accord is known for most reliable car ever made. It is a great car. It’s smooth, fast, and with good handling.  This car has a good crash score. The only problem with it is when you reduce speed and then increase less than 3 seconds the transmission will have a gap that makes you scared it will break the gearbox, and if you wait about more than 3 seconds before starting to increase the speed everything runs fine.

  • Top speed: 200km/h
  • Price: 8 lakh and above

Honda civic ek3 1996-97:

car for sale BD
Honda civic ek3

Are you looking for a powerful car under 10 lakh with sunroof? You got it right. You can choose the honda ek3 as your option. It has a D15 series engine, one of the most powerful engines in this range. It can achieve 220km/h if your engine is tuned. Make sure you drive this car safely.  It was under rated when first released but now it is appreciated much.

·         Top speed: 194 km/h

·         Price: 4 to 6 lacs

Mitsubishi lancer GLX-1.6-liter engine:

Lancer Glx

A sports car for the whole family. The Lancer glx 1.3 and 1.5-liter engine doesn’t come with any sunroof or moonroof. But the 1.6-liter engine has a factory build sunroof. It is a basic yet comfortable sedan with a very cool AC and an excellent interior. It’s also cost-effective and can be a great choice for a car under 10 lakh with sunroof. 

  • Top speed: 160-175 km/h
  • Price: 5 to 7 lacs

Honda civic 2005-08:

Car for sale bd
Honda Civic

Honda civic has been an excellent and trustworthy runner and it is simple to work on, requires almost no maintenance, and is extremely affordable too but and operate. Highly advised for anyone looking for a car under 10 lakh with sunroof and a safe affordable and enjoyable option.

  •  Top speed: 160 km/h
  • Price: 6 to 10 lakh

Mitsubishi Galant:

lancer galant
Mitsubishi Galant

Mitsubishi Galant is the most aggressive car Mitsubishi makes. It comes with all the luxurious option that is needed for a perfect family sedan. It’s a great option for a car under 10 lakh with sunroof. From its looks to its interior space, nothing can beat it in terms of the options it has offered within the price range.

  • Top speed: 180-240 km/h
  • Price: 4-8 lacs

Looking for more budget friendly option?

You can read our blog about 11 low price used cars in bangladesh.

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Vai shei

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Best one!

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It was a great article as well!

Manjur Hossain Jomaddar
Manjur Hossain Jomaddar
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I need a Honda Airweb 2005

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I need a suv under 5 lakh best my address Bangladesh sylhet boroikandi 1 no road chair man house near old house blue gate right my house 🏠 and my work is a business I have a wedding hall my wedding hall name upohar community center and i have a gas station my gas station name is alihe gas station and my grandpa is a big celibrati my grandpa name is md.kamal uddin and me and my family religions is a Muslim and my name is Rafat and

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