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Toyota Aqua Price In Bangladesh

Toyota Aqua Price In Bangladesh

Named after the Latin word for water, the Aqua evokes a sense of purity, openness, and global appreciation. Toyota Aqua was first introduced in the year 2011. In the perspective of Bangladesh, Toyota Aqua is a very frequently seen car in the street of Bangladesh.

It is advertised as a successor to the Toyota Prius C, which suggests that the Aqua is designed to fill a comparable niche in Toyota’s hybrid lineup.

The Toyota Aqua Price In Bangladesh is between 12 lakh to 22 lakh according to the model and year. It is a small car with a huge fuel efficiency making a best budget car for Bangladeshi household.


Toyota Aqua Price In Bangladesh can be in between 10 Lakh to 23 Lakh depending on the Packages, model, features. Check out the pricing table below for individual pricing.

Market price 2016
Market price 2017
Market price 2018
Market price 2019
Market price 2020
Market price 2021
Market price 2022
Toyota Aqua L
12 Lakh
13 Lakh
15.5 Lakh
17.5 Lakh
19 Lakh
20.5 Lakh
20.5 Lakh
Toyota Aqua S
13 Lakh
13.5 Lakh
16.5 Lakh
18.5 Lakh
20 Lakh
21.5 Lakh
21.5 Lakh
Toyota Aqua G
14 Lakh
14 Lakh
17.5 Lakh
19.5 Lakh
21 Lakh
22.5 Lakh
23 Lakh

Toyota Aqua Review:

Toyota Aqua is a super mini hatchbacks having a 1.5-liter gasoline engine that makes 105 horsepower.

The Toyota Aqua is the most fuel-efficient Sub-Compact car ever. It gets 35 kilometers per liter, which is better than motorcycle or bikes.

For it’s incredible fuel efficiency Toyota Aqua has a great demand in Bangladesh.

The Toyota Aqua Price In Bangladesh can varies on the year of release or the model. It is quite affordable yet a new model car in Bangladesh. It is a smaller version of Toyota Prius.

Toyota Aqua Generations: 

First generation (2011)

Toyota Aqua was first introduced in 2011 in the Tokyo Motor Show. It received its first facelift in December 2014, along with the introduction of a crossover-inspired variant called the X-URBAN. A second facelift occurred in June 2017, where the crossover-inspired variant was redesigned and renamed the Aqua Crossover. The first-generation Aqua was known for its compact design and excellent fuel efficiency.



First generation toyota aqua exterior
First generation toyota aqua interior

Second Generation (2021):

The second-generation Aqua was unveiled in July 2021 and went on sale the same day.


It’s built on the GA-B platform, sharing it with the Yaris (XP210 series) and features an extended wheelbase (50 mm longer) compared to the previous generation. The second-generation Aqua places a significant emphasis on improved battery technology, leading to better performance and efficiency compared to its predecessor.

second generation toyota aqua exterior
second generation toyota aqua interior

The Colors Available for Toyota Aqua in Bangladesh

  • Super White

Super white Aqua

  • Silver Metallic

Silver Metallic Aqua

  • Black Mica

Black Mica Aqua

  • Super Red

Super Red Aqua

  • Mandarine Orange Metallic

Mandarine Orange Metallic Aqua

  • Yellow

yellow Aqua

  • Blu Streak Metallic

Blue Streak Metallic Aqua

  • Cool Soda Blue Metallic

Cool Soda Blue Metallic aqua


The Pros and Cons of having Toyota Aqua


  1. The Toyota Aqua is a very affordable car that is easy on the wallet. You should purchase it new or used, and you may additionally pay for it in installments while buying for the reconditioned or new one.
  2. The Toyota Aqua has a very low maintenance cost.
  3. Fuel efficiency is another advantages for Toyota Aqua. It gets 35 kilometersper liter, which is better than motorcycle or bikes.
  4. Toyota is known for its reputation for building reliable cars, and the Aqua is not any exception.
  5. Toyota Aqua is a perfect fit for any families in the Bangladesh.
  6. As traffic jam is a common affair for Bangladesh. So having a small car like Toyota Aqua is great for commuting in the crowded city Dhaka.


  1. Due to its compact size, the Aqua’s rear seating area can also feel rather cramped, making it much less ideal for passengers with lengthy commutes.
  2. While it excels in city riding, the Aqua’s dual carriageway performance won’t be as powerful in long journey in Bangladesh due to its smaller engine and aerodynamic design.
  3. The compact size also limits cargo space, which may not be sufficient for those with larger storage needs.
  4. The Aqua’s hybrid power-train gives more weight to fuel economy than to power, so it might not be the best choice for drivers who want to go fast.


Learn more about Toyota Aqua in this review:


Competitors of Toyota Aqua

1. Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius and toyota aqua

The Toyota Prius is a pioneering hybrid vehicle acknowledged for its super fuel performance and reduced environmental impact.  It was first introduced in the year 1997.

It gives various models to in shape specific wishes and has a reputation for reliability and innovation in hybrid generation.


Toyota Aqua vs. Toyota Prius pricing comparison

Toyota Aqua G
Toyota Prius S Price
22.5 Lakh
36 Lakh

Features comparison

  • The Prius is a compact to midsize hybrid car, generally with seating for 5 passengers. It gives greater indoors area and rear legroom compared to the Aqua. The Toyota Aqua is a subcompact hybrid hatchback with a smaller footprint. It can easily accommodate 4 persons, however it may seem a little more crowded inside the cabin.
  • The Prius usually gives slightly better gas performance than the Aqua, specifically on highways, because of its large hybrid power-train.
  • The Prius often features a more powerful hybrid system, giving in greater overall performance, especially at higher speeds. The Aqua prioritizes fuel efficiency over performance and is well-suited for city commuting.

2. Toyota Axio:

toyota Axio and toyota aquaThe Toyota Axio is a sedan car that falls under the Toyota Corolla lineup. It is very popular among the Bangladeshi customers a for its reliability, fuel efficiency, and practicality.

It start production in the May of 2006. Before Uber became popular, Toyota Axio was used for taxi for its fuel efficiency. However, for being very lightweight, Toyota Axio shakes a lot when it cross 100 km/p.

Toyota Aqua vs. Toyota Prius pricing comparison

Toyota Aqua G
Toyota Axio Price
22.5 Lakh
27.5 Lakh

Features Comparison

  • The Toyota Axio is a compact sedan, recognized for its conventional sedan styling and practicality. Toyota Aqua is a subcompact hybrid hatchback, designed for fuel performance and urban commuting.
  • While some variations of the Axio may offer hybrid version, it is not its primary focus. Non-hybrid versions also are available. The Aqua is mainly designed as a hybrid vehicle, optimized for gas efficiency via its hybrid power-train.
  • Non-hybrid variations of the Axio can also have more traditional gas engines, which may be less fuel efficient in comparison to hybrid cars. The Aqua is popular for its fuel performance for its hybrid engine.
  • The Axio is usually larger than the Aqua and presents extra interior area for passengers and cargo.
  • Toyota Aqua is a great budget car and cost lesser than Toyota Axio.

3. Honda Fit Hybrid:

honda fit vs toyota aqua Honda fit was introduced in 2001 which is also known as Honda Jazz in some markets. It has a total of 4 generations. It’s known for its practicality, versatility, and fuel efficiency.


Features Comparison

  • Both Honda Fit and Toyota Aqua offer a great fuel efficiency.
  • Honda Fit is known for its flexible “Magic Seat” system and excellent interior space utilization. Toyota Aqua has spacious subcompact cabin but lacks the Fit’s interior.
  • The Fit is slightly larger than the Aqua, which can provide greater passenger consolation and area. However, it may be much less maneuverable in tight town streets.
  • Both of the car is very budget friendly.
  • The maintenance cost of Honda Fit will be a bit higher as Bangladesh’s market is dominated by Toyota which means Toyota Aqua has less maintenance cost.

Toyota Aqua vs. Honda Fit pricing comparison

Toyota Aqua G
Honda Fit Hybrid Price
22.5 Lakh
21 Lakh

4. Toyota Corolla Hybrid

Toyota corolla hybrid vs toyota aquaThe Toyota Corolla Hybrid is a hybrid version of the popular Toyota Corolla sedan. It combines the famous attributes of the Corolla, inclusive of reliability and practicality, with hybrid technology for improved gasoline efficiency and reduced emissions.

The Corolla Hybrid offers a spacious indoors, current technology capabilities, and a easy, eco-friendly riding experience. It’s a versatile preference for drivers in search of a conventional sedan with the benefits of hybrid generation.


Features comparison

  • The Corolla Hybrid is a compact sedan automobile whereas Toyota Aqua is a subcompact hybrid hatchback. It’s smaller in length compared to the Corolla.
  • The Corolla Hybrid is typically larger than the Aqua, imparting more interior area and seating for 5 passengers.
  • Both of the car have low maintenance cost.
  • The Corolla Hybrid generally gives higher basic performance and powerful in comparison to the Aqua because of its large hybrid power-train.
  • The Corolla Hybrid is more expensive than the Aqua because of its larger size and further features.

Toyota Aqua vs. Toyota Corolla Hybrid pricing comparison

Toyota Aqua G
Toyota Corolla Hybrid LE Price
22.5 Lakh
33 Lakh

5. Toyota Vitz

The Toyota Vitz, also called the Toyota Yaris in a few markets, is a subcompact vehicle produced by using Toyota. It’s recognized for its small and sensible design, making it nicely-appropriate for city using and parking in tight spaces.


The Vitz/Yaris generally offers excellent gas performance, a cushty indoors, and a variety of functions, making it a popular desire amongst drivers searching out an economical and compact automobile. It’s available in diverse trim stages and configurations to cater to unique consumer needs and options.


Features comparison

  • Hybrid variations of the Toyota Vitz are available, although they are not the standard model. On the other hand, Toyota Aqua offers hybrid as the main variants.
  • The Aqua is smaller than the Vitz and might have a compact interior, which can be a consideration for passengers and cargo space.
  • Both of the cars are really affordable and suitable for small family usage.

Toyota Aqua vs. Toyota vitz pricing comparison

Toyota Aqua G
Toyota Vitz F Hybrid Price
17 Lakh
19 Lakh

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