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Toyota Crown Price In Bangladesh

Toyota Crown Price In Bangladesh

Toyota Crown is among the first cars that Toyota Motors made, which is still in production. Toyota has been making the Crown since 1955, making it the model with the longest-running title in the company’s history. Toyota Crown price in Bangladesh can vary a lot as it is an old car still producing in 2023. 

Toyota Crown Price In Bangladesh

Toyota Crown Price In Bangladesh can be in between 32 Lakh to 1.5 crore depending on  the Packages, model, features. Check out the pricing table below for individual pricing.

Toyota Crown Athlete G Turbo
Tk 5,690,000
Toyota Crown Athele S
Tk 5,500,000
Toyota Crown pal colour
Tk 5,500,000
Toyota Crown Athlete S
Tk 6,190,000
Toyota Crown RS Advance
Tk 7,890,000
Toyota Crown RS (Hybrid)
Tk 8,750,000
Toyota Crown Royal saloon
Tk 7,950,000
Toyota Crown Rs Advance Sunroof
Tk 8,300,000
Toyota Crown RS Pearl
Tk 8,000,000
Toyota Crown
Tk 8,450,000
Toyota Crown black colour
Tk 7,650,000
Toyota Crown G Executive
Tk 10,500,000
Toyota Crown RS Advance NARDO GRAY
Tk 12,620,000
Toyota Crown RS Cross hybrid
Tk 14,000,000
Toyota Crown RS HYBRID
Tk 14,000,000
Toyota Crown RS Cross over pkg
Tk 14,000,000
Toyota Crown RS HYBRID
Tk 15,300,000

Is Toyota Crown a Good Car?

Yes! Toyota Crown is a luxury sedan known for its comfort, reliability, and advanced features. It has been a popular choice for those seeking a premium sedan with a focus on comfort and refinement. However, the suitability of the Toyota Crown Price In Bangladesh would depend on various factors, including personal preferences, budget, and intended use.


Here are some points to consider:

  1. Reliability: Toyota is known for producing reliable vehicles, and the Crown is no exception. It can handle various road conditions and has a reputation for durability.

  2. Comfort: The Toyota Crown is designed with passenger comfort in mind, offering a smooth ride and spacious interior.

  3. Luxury: It typically comes equipped with high-end features and materials, providing a luxurious driving experience.

  4. Fuel Efficiency: Depending on the engine and trim level, fuel efficiency may vary. It’s essential to consider fuel efficiency in a country like Bangladesh where fuel costs can be significant.

  5. Maintenance and Parts Availability: Consider the availability of Toyota service centers and genuine parts in Bangladesh, as this can affect the long-term ownership experience.

  6. Price: Luxury cars tend to come with higher price tags. Make sure the Toyota Crown Price In Bangladesh fits within your budget, including taxes and import duties in Bangladesh.

  7. Local Market Conditions: Local market conditions, including road infrastructure and climate, should be considered when choosing a vehicle.

Toyota Crown in Bangladesh has 16 different updates over the course of 68 years.

Toyota crown Generations

First Generation (1955-1962):

The first Toyota Crown was added in 1955, marking Toyota’s access into automobile marketplace for passengers. It turned into provided as a pricey sedan.

First generation Toyopet crown exterior
Toyota crown price in Bangladesh
first generation toyota crown interior

Second Generation (1962-1967):

The second-generation Crown turned into extra modern day in its layout and got quite a few alternatives for engines.

second generation Toyopet crown exterior
second generation Toyota Allion interior

Third Generation (1967-1971):

This technology changed into a step up in overall performance and luxury. It is to be had as a sedan or wagon.

third generation Toyota crown exterior
third generation Toyota crown interior

Forth Generation (1971-1974):

The fourth-generation Toyota Crown included the “Crown Hardtop” model. It had a coupe-like appearance, as well as a squared-off appearance.

forth generation Toyota crown exterior
forth generation Toyota crown interior

Fifth Generation (1974-1979):

This technology was characterized by way of its angular fashion and presented a variety of engine options including a immediately-six or V8.

fifth generation Toyota crown exterior
fifth generation Toyota crown interior

Sixth Generation (1979-1983):

The 6th-technology Crown had a extra refined design and featured advanced capabilities along with digital fuel injection.

sixth generation Toyota crown exterior
sixth generation Toyota crown interior

Seventh Generation (1983-1987):

This era featured improved aerodynamics as well as era, which include turbocharged engines.

seventh generation Toyota crown exterior
seventh generation Toyota crown interior

Eighth Generation (1987-1991):

The eighth-technology Crown acquired a chief redecorate and featured lots of engines, which blanketed one which changed into a 3.0-liter V6.

eighth generation Toyota crown exterior
eighth generation Toyota crown interior

Ninth Generation (1991-1995):

This technology became the first to introduce superior safety capabilities in addition to an 4.0-liter V8 engine variation.

ninth generation Toyota crown exterior
ninth generation Toyota crown interior

Tenth Generation (1995-1999):

The tenth-era Crown presented a pricey interior and featured an 4.0-liter V8 engine.

tenth generation Toyota crown exterior
tenth generation Toyota crown interior

Eleventh Generation (1999-2003):

This generation brought the 3.0-liter V6 engine and placed a more emphasis at the safety and comfort capabilities.

eleventh generation Toyota crown exterior
eleventh generation Toyota crown interior

Twelfth Generation (2003-2008):

The Twelfth-generation Crown turned into a modern-day-looking model and could be made either hybrid or gas powertrains.

twelfth generation Toyota crown exterior
twelfth generation Toyota crown interior

Thirteenth Generation (2008-2012):

This technology persisted to provide hybrid alternatives and superior safety features.

Thirteenth generation Toyota crown exterior
thirteenth generation Toyota crown interior

Fouteenth Generation (2012-2018):

The fourteenth-era Crown featured a cutting-edge layout, hybrid powertrains, and advanced era.

fourteenth generation Toyota crown exterior
fourteenth generation Toyota crown interior

Fifteenth Generation (2018-June 2022):

The fifteenth-era Crown persevered to be offered with hybrid powertrains in addition to superior protection capabilities. the price of fifteen generation Toyota Crown Price In Bangladesh stated in the above pricing table.

fifteenth generation Toyota crown exterior
fifteenth generation Toyota crown interior

Sixteenth Generation (2022-present):

16.In July 2022, the 16th era of the Crown will be announced. It was the first time that the Crown brand got a “reboot.” It came in 4 different body styles: Crossover Sport, Sedan, and Estate. This generation was the start of the Crown range’s growth. It came about because the 15-year-old mid-generation model was not updated. You may also check out the Toyota crown price in Bangladesh.

sixteenth generation Toyota crown exterior
sixteenth generation Toyota crown interior

The Available versions of Toyota Crown:  

  1. Toyota Crown Sedan:

    The sedan car version of the Toyota Crown has been a regular feature throughout its existence. It typically has an elegant and spacious interior, modern technology and a variety of options for engines.

  1. Toyota Crown Athlete:

    This version of the Crown is renowned for its more athletic and performance-oriented features. It usually comes with sporting styling cues, improved suspension as well as more powerful engine choices.

  1. Toyota Crown Royal Saloon:

    The Royal Saloon is a high-end form of the Crown sedan that is known for its high-end features and materials. It’s made for people who want the most comfortable and luxury possible.

  1. Toyota Crown Majesta:

    The Crown Majesta is advertised as a more lavish and luxurious version of the Crown. It typically comes with the latest technology, a lavish interior and is typically used for chauffeur-driven and executive applications.

  1. Toyota Crown Estate/Wagon:

    The Wagon or Estate version of the Crown offers more cargo space and flexibility making it suitable for families and people who require extra storage space.

  1. Toyota Crown Comfort:

    The Crown Comfort is a simplified and more practical version of the Crown which is often used as taxis in Japan and other Asian markets. It is known for its reliability and durability.

  1. Toyota Crown Hybrid:

    The latest model of Toyota Crown comes in hybrid versions. It is great combination for both electrical vehicle and fuel version.

  1. Toyota Crown Plug-in Hybrid:

    To keep up with the growing demand of plug-in hybrid cars, some Crown models are now available with plug-in hybrid technology. This lets drivers go farther on electric power alone.

  1. Toyota Crown Convertible:

    At specific moments in the history of its model, Toyota has offered convertible versions of the Crown for those who prefer driving with an open-top.

  1. Toyota Crown Concept Cars:

    Toyota has also presented a variety of Crown concept vehicles over the years to showcase the latest concepts and technology.

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Competitors of Toyota Crown:

1. Lexus ES

Lexus ES comparison with toyota crown

Lexus ES is a full size sedan car produced by none other than Toyota Motors. Lexus ES in under the luxury division for the production of Toyota. Lexus is produced since 1989 and has still in production. Lexus ES is mainly known for really high level of luxury, advanced technology, and a smooth, comfortable ride.

Lexus ES VS. Toyota Crown pricing comparison

Lexus ES
Toyota Crown
Around 65 Lakh
Around 80 lakh

Features comparison

  • Lexus ES is produced by the luxury division of Toyota Motors, making it more lavished and out of the ordinary. Though the Toyota Crown is also a premium luxury car, it is less luxurious in comparison to Lexus ES.
  • In comparison to comfort, Lexus ES takes the cake here as well.
  • Toyota Crown and Lexus LS both are almost similar in pricing.
  • Lexus ES consumers value luxury, comfort, and distinction. It’s a top premium sedan pick. The Toyota Crown appeals to people who want a well-equipped, comfortable, and reliable car but may not need the highest level of luxury

2. BMW 5 Series

BMW 5 Series comparison with toyota crown

BMW 5 series is produced since 19712 nad the latest Eight generation will be released in 2024. The car is an executive car. After the 3 Series, BMW’s 5 Series is the brand’s most popular vehicle the second most sold.

Toyota Crown VS. BMW 5 Series pricing comparison

BMW 5 Series
Toyota Crown
Around 1.2 Core
Around 80 Lakh

Features comparison

  • The first difference of these 2 cars are, Toyota is a Japanese car where BMW is a German car brand. So the target audience of the cars are very different from each other.
  • BMW 5 series has more technological features than Toyota Crown.
  • BMW 5 series is more luxurious than Toyota Crown.
  • Toyota Crown Price In Bangladesh is a bit more affordable than BMW 5 series.

Toyota Crown has more fuel efficiency than BMW.

3. Audi A6

Audi a6 comparison with toyota crown

Like BMW Audi is also a German car brand. The Audi A6 is an executive car produced since 1994. Audi is considered as a high end luxury brand car.

Audi A6 VS. Toyota Crown pricing comparison

Audi A6 Price
Toyota Crown Price
Around 1.5 Core
Around 80 Lakh

Features comparison

  • Toyota Crown is a luxury sedan car but Audi A6 is more lavished in compared to Toyota.
  • Audi A6 is not fuel efficient at all whereas Toyota Crown is much more fuel efficient.
  • Audi A6 has a high maintenance cost then Toyota Crown.
  • Audi A6 has more technological features than Toyota Crown.
  • Toyota Crown Price In Bangladesh is more affordable than Audi A6.

4. Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Mercedes-Benz C-Class comparison with toyota crown

Like the last two car, Mercedes is also a German car. Mercedes-Benz C-class is produced since 1993. The C-Class is Mercedes-Benz’ best-selling model, with over 13 million sales by 2015.

Mercedes Benz VS. Toyota Crown pricing comparison

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Price
Toyota crown Price
Around 80 lakh
Around 80 lakh

Features comparison

  • Toyota has a different customer base than Mercedes, as Mercedes is considered a luxurious car brand.
  • People who buys Mercedes-Benz C-Class prefer prestige, luxury, and a premium driving experience. The Toyota Crown is appealing to customers who are looking for a comfortable, well-equipped sedan with a solid reputation.
  • Mercedes-Benz-C-Class has more technological features and luxury equipment than the Toyota Crown.
  • Mercedes Benz-C-Class has more maintenance cost than Toyota Crown
  • Toyota Crown Price In Bangladesh and Mercedes Bez-C-Class price is very similar.

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