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Toyota CHR Price In Bangladesh

Toyota CHR Price In Bangladesh

Toyota CHR price in Bangladesh (2017-2022)

Toyota C-HR (Compact High Rider) is a subcompact crossover SUV car. It is quite new model car as it was globally introduced in 2017. Before releasing CHR, Toyota built comfortable, reliable cars which leading some people to believe that Toyota Motors is unable to produce any reliable yet stylish looking car. Toyota CHR is one of the cars from Toyota which spread craze and disrupting around the younger audience.


It is known for its distinctive and bold design, combining elements of a Coupe and an SUV. It was made for the European market as the European consumer like their car to be nice and sturdy, and it should have a great interior.  


Toyota CHR price in Bangladesh depends on its model, package and features. The price can be in between 25 to 50 Lakh taka. There are S, S-LED, G, S-T, and G-T for models for Toyota CHR in Bangladesh. The S, S-LED, and G models are powered by a 1.2-liter turbo engine, while the other models are powered by a 1.5 or 1.8-liter hybrid and non-hybrid engine.

Toyota CHR Review

The First Generation In 2016:

The Toyota C-HR concept was first previewed on the Paris Motor Show in 2014. It had some futuristic design. The C-HR was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show in 2016 and the released in later December.

It came out in December 2016 in Japan and has since been slowly rolled out to other areas, such as Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, China, and others.  

The C-HR became famous because of its unique design, small size for cities, and hybrid technology.

The first-generation model got several updates and facelift that made its features and appearance better. See Price list for each package to learn more about the first generation Toyota CHR price in Bangladesh for each package.

first generation toyota C-HR/chr exterior image
first generation toyota C-HR/chr interior image
Two tone white black color toyota C-HR/chr

The Second Generation (2023):

Toyota C-HR Prologue” concept was showed in the December of 2022. 


The new C-HR was finally shown to the public in June 2023. It had a new look and new features. It is still a small hybrid car, but technology and design have made it better.


The body of the second-generation C-HR is sharper and sleeker, and the headlights are in the shape of a C, which shows Toyota’s new design philosophy.


The new C-HR is focused on technology, with features like a digital key, improved safety systems, remote parking, and hands-free driving in traffic jams. This new CHR is available in Hybrid only which makes it more eco-friendly. The second model will be made in Turkey but won’t be sold in North America. Instead, Toyota will sell the Corolla Cross. See Price list to learn more about the Second generation Toyota CHR price in Bangladesh

second generation toyota C-HR/chr interior image

The Colors Available for Toyota C-HR in Bangladesh

  • Blizzard Pearl (White)

Blizzard Pearl color toyota C-HR/chr image
  • Magnetic Gray Metallic (Gray)

Magnetic Gray Metallic color toyota C-HR/chr toyota motors
  • Ruby Flare Pearl (Red)

Ruby Flare Pearl color Toyota C-HR/chr
  • Blue Eclipse Metallic (Blue)

Blue Eclipse Metallic color toyota C-HR/chr
  • Supersonic Red (Bold Red)

Supersonic Red color toyota C-HR/chr
  • Black Sand Pearl (Black)

Black Sand Pearl color toyota C-HR/chr
  • Silver Knockout Metallic (Silver)

Silver Knockout Metallic color toyota C-HR/chr
  • Blizzard Pearl with Black Roof (Two-tone option)

Two tone golden black color toyota C-HR/chr
second generation toyota C-HR/chr interior image
Two tone amzing grey black golden color toyota C-HR/chr
Two tone white black color toyota C-HR/chr

Toyota CHR Price in Bangladesh

Market Price 2017
Market Price 2018
Market Price 2019
Market Price 2020
Market Price 2021
Market Price 2022
25.5 Lakh
28.5 Lakh
31.5 Lakh
38 Lakh
43.5 Lakh
47 Lakh
28 Lakh
30.5 Lakh
34.5 Lakh
38 Lakh
Around 46 Lakh
29.5 Lakh
32 Lakh
36 Lakh
36 Lakh
Around 46 Lakh
39.5 Lakh
43.5 Lakh
Around 46 Lakh
38 Lakh
41 Lakh
44 Lakh

What is the best model of the Toyota C-HR?

if you’re looking for a recommendation based on popular features and options, the higher trim levels of the Toyota C-HR, such as the G LED and C-HR S LED, often come with more advanced technology, safety features, and comfort amenities. Additionally, if available, the hybrid model could be a compelling choice for its improved fuel efficiency and eco-friendly characteristics. 

C-HR G LED and C-HR S LED features:

  1. Fuel Efficiency: A 1500 cc engine is in all likely to be extra fuel-efficient in comparison to large engines like 1800 cc. While genuine gasoline performance numbers may additionally vary, a smaller engine length frequently contributes to higher mileage.
  2. LED Lighting: Both of those editions include LED lighting elements, which enhance visibility, safety, and deliver the vehicle a modern-day appearance.
  3. Features: LED lighting is just one of the features these Toyota C-HR has to offer. In Bangladesh, these come with other advanced features like infotainment systems, connectivity options, and driver assistance technologies.
  4. Value: Both edition strike a good balance between features and affordability, making them a value-driven choice in Bangladeshi market.
  5. Styling: LED lighting contributes to a more modern and stylish exterior look comparing to other versions of the car model.

While the C-HR G MODE NERO might offer unique styling and the C-HR S GR SPORT might provide a sportier appearance, the C-HR G LED or C-HR S LED will be preferred over rest of these versions for our country if fuel efficiency is a top priority while retaining many of the features of the C-HR.

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Best alternatives of Toyota C-HR in Bangladesh

1. Toyota Corolla Cross


Toyota Corolla Cross image in Bangladesh

The Toyota Corolla Cross is a compact crossover SUV produced since 2020. It consists of the Corolla nameplate and is designed as a greater realistic and spacious alternative compared to the C-HR. Built at the same platform because the Corolla, it sits between the smaller C-HR and the bigger RAV4 in Toyota’s crossover lineup. 

Watch the video about Toyota C-HR VS. Toyota Corolla Cross

Toyota C-HR VS. Toyota Corolla Cross Pricing

Toyota C-HR
Toyota Corolla Cross
43 Lakh
56 Lakh

Features Comparison

  • The C-HR is a compact crossover with a focus on urban driving which is suitable for city commuting and small families. The Corolla Cross is slightly larger, providing more interior space and versatility. It can comfortably accommodate passengers and necessary items, making it suitable for longer journeys and varied activities.
  • Even though the Toyota Corolla Cross is not a dedicated off-road car, it might be better for light off-road trips than the Toyota C-HR.
  • The Toyota C-HR has a small cargo compartment for small transporting and commuting. For those who need greater cargo room, the Corolla Cross is a good choice.
  • In general, the C-HR has a lower starting price, which makes it a good choice for buyers who want to save money. The Corolla Cross may cost more than the Toyota C-HR due to its size and potential features.

2. Nissan X-Trail

Nissan X-Trail wih sunroof image in Bangladesh

The Nissan X-Trail offers a lavish and modern-day compact crossover SUV that effortlessly combines style with practicality. With comfortable seating for up to 7 person, its spacious indoors adapts to diverse passengers and spacious boot space


Cutting-side technology, which includes a user-friendly infotainment system and superior safety capabilities, adds to its appeal. Whether navigating city streets or embarking on family adventures, the latest X-Trail gives a well-rounded and enjoyable driving experience.

Watch the video about Toyota C-HR VS. Nissan X-trail

Toyota C-HR VS. Nissan X-trail Pricing

Toyota C-HR
Nissan X-trail
43 Lakh
52 Lakh

Features Comparison

  • Toyota usually focus more on fuel efficiency in comparison to Nissan  X-Trail’s .
  • The Nissan X-Trail has 7 seat option which is suitable for big families or who regularly transport a lot of people. Whereas Toyota CHR has only 5 seat available.
  • Both cars’ exteriors are bold and contemporary, each in its own way.
  • Nissan X-Trail offers more features and safety options than Toyota C-HR.
  • The X-Trail has received high marks for its responsive steering and comfortable ride, but the C-HR, with its sportier goals, may disappoint in this area due to its larger wheels.
  • The X-Trail’s optional third row of seats come at the expense of boot space, while the C-HR’s five-seat layout also allow for a spacious trunk.

3. Honda HRV

Honda HRV image in Bangladesh

The Honda HR-V is a B-segment subcompact crossover SUV that has been made and sold for three generations. Honda HR-V is a futuristic car which was made for unparalleled comfort and style. In Bangladesh, Honda HR-V counts as a luxurious SUV car.


Watch the video about Toyota C-HR VS. Honda HRV

Toyota C-HR VS. Honda HRV Pricing

Toyota C-HR
Honda HRV
43 Lakh
40.5 Lakh

Features Comparison

  • The “Magic Seat” feature in the Honda HR-V lets you fold down the back seat to make more room for stuff. It is very useful and spacious. Whereas in Toyota C-HR you don’t have anything like that. But it is quite roomy and compact, well-suited for urban driving.
  • When compared to the Honda HR-V, the Toyota C-HR often has a lower beginning price, which may be appealing to customers who are concerned about their spending limits.
  • The Honda HRV is a practical option for day-to-day driving. The Toyota CHR offers a stylish option for drivers in the city.
  • The HR-V and the C-HR come equipped with up-to-date infotainment systems, safety characteristics, and driver assistance technology. There may be variations in the particular features that are offered depending on the package level and the market.

4. Toyota RAV4 (If your budget is not determined)

Toyota Rav4 luxurious interior image in Bangladesh

The Toyota RAV4 is a popular compact crossover SUV. It is considered as the first ever compact crossover SUV made. It was first released in 1994. Toyota RAV4 is known for its practical, reliable, and versatile driving. The RAV4 has become one of the best-selling vehicles in its segment for compact SUV.


Watch the video about Toyota C-HR VS. Toyota RAV4

Toyota C-HR VS. Toyota RAV4 Pricing

Toyota C-HR
Toyota RAV4
43 Lakh
82 Lakh

Features Comparison

  • Toyota RAV4 has multiple engine options, including hybrids Whereas Toyota C-HR typically available as a hybrid.
  • The Toyota RAV4 has better passenger space and cargo room. It seats five comfortably and often offers a third-row seat. The Toyota C-HR is a smaller, urban-focused crossover. It handles city streets and parking spots nicely and it has 5 seats.
  • The Toyota RAV4 can handle family trips, outdoor adventures, and towing. It’s a good mix of everyday usefulness and more exciting activities. Toyota C-HR is for style-conscious city commuters who value fuel efficiency and compact size.
  • Well, there’s no need to hide the big price difference between these two cars. The Toyota RAV4 is more expensive than the Toyota C-HR. You can choose a suited model from the previous years as Toyota RAV4 is available since 1994. Previous model will cost less.

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