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Toyota Allion price in Bangladesh

Toyota Allion price in Bangladesh

Toyota Allion price in Bangladesh can vary by considering several factors. It came out on the market for the first time in 2001. It was a new replacement for the Toyota Carina which was introduced back in 1970. Though Toyota announced that they are discontinued the production of Allion in 2021, we can expect a fantastic replacement of Toyota Allion in the upcoming years from Toyota Motors.


Toyota Allion is a very popular car in Bangladesh like Toyota Premio. According to Bangladeshi car import law, cars can be imported up to 5 years after it’s production, so the Toyota Allion 2021 will be eligible for import till 2026.


The Allion is the most popular mid-priced car in Bangladesh. People have liked it a lot since it came out, and it is still a very comfortable and strong city car that is at the top of the list of favorites for both new and used car buyers.

Toyota Allion Review

First Generation (2001–2007):

The Toyota Allion replaced the Toyota Carina when it came out in 2001. It was made to be a small luxury car.It was put above the Toyota Corolla in the list which is the most sold car in 2022. The first-generation Allion had a roomy and comfortable interior, a variety of engine choices, and a focus on fuel efficiency.



First generation Toyota Allion white exterior number 1
First generation fresh Toyota Allion exterior number 2
First generation fresh Toyota Allion interior

Second Generation (2007-2016):

The second generation of the Allion was introduced in 2007. It featured updated styling and modernized features. Toyota continued to offer a range of engine options and trim levels to cater to different customer preferences.



second generation Toyota Allion interior

Third Generation (2016-2021):

The Allion’s third generation brought more changes to how it looked and what it could do. This generation continued to put a lot of emphasis on comfort, usability, and saving fuel.



third generation Toyota Allion Exterior number 2
third generation Toyota Allion interior
In the course of 20  years, Allion get facelift twice. In year 2010 and 2016.

The Colors Available for Toyota Allion in Bangladesh


  • Toyota Allion Attitude Black Mica

Attitude Black Mica color toyota allion car image
  • Toyota Allion Dark Red Mica

Dark Red Mica color toyota allion car image
  • Toyota Allion Dark Sherry Mica Metallic

Dark Sherry Mica Metallic color toyota allion car image
  • Toyota Allion Super White II

Super White II color toyota allion image
  • Toyota Allion Blackish Ageha Glass Flake

Blackish Ageha Glass Flake color toyota allion car image

Toyota Allion Price In Bangladesh

Toyota Allion price in Bangladesh can be in between 16 Lakh to 36 Lakh depending on  the Packages, model, features. Check out the pricing table below for individual pricing.


Market price 2017
Market price 2018
Market price 2019
Market price 2020
Market price 2021
Toyota Allion A15
26 Lakh
27 Lakh
28 Lakh
30 Lakh
30.5 Lakh
Toyota Allion G
27.5 Lakh
28.5 Lakh
29.5 Lakh
31.5 Lakh
32 Lakh
Toyota Allion G-Plus
31 Lakh
32 Lakh
34 Lakh
35.5 Lakh
36 Lakh

Is Toyota Allion a Good Car?

Yes! Toyota Allion is a great practical car. Toyota Allion is one of the best choice for driving everyday in city traffic. The Toyota Allion is considered as one of the most used cars in Bangladesh. Toyota Allion is a compact sedan car makes it so popular in Bangladesh for its fuel efficiency, comfortable interior, relatively and low maintenance costs


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Competitors of Toyota Allion:

1. Toyota Premio

Toyota premio image to compare with toyota allion

The Toyota Premio is a comfortable medium size sedan car. There is a strong demand for this type of car in Bangladesh. But the Bangladeshi consumer get a bit confused while choosing between Toyota Premio and Toyota Allion. To be honest there’s not a big difference between them. Bangladeshi customers consider Toyota Premio is a more luxurious and optimized car than Toyota Allion. That’s why Toyota Allion is slightly cheaper than Toyota Premio. 



Check out the video about the Allion vs. Premio

Toyota Allion VS. Toyota Premio pricing comparison

Toyota Allion G Plus Price
Toyota Premio Price F-EX
34 Lakh
35 Lakh
35.5 Lakh
38 Lakh
38 Lakh
43 Lakh

Features comparison

  • Both have 1500cc 4-cylinder 16-valve DOHC engines.
  • Both of the cars have similar power output of 109 horsepower.
  • Toyota Allion and Premio have the same 1NZ-FE engine.
  • Both Toyota Premio and Allion come with front-engine, front-wheel drive, and 5-speed manual or automatic transmission in them.
  • Toyota Premio has a slightly higher top speed of 185 km/h in comparison to Allion’s 180 km/h. Probably because of the aerodynamic and weight.
  • Toyota Premio is a sleek family friendly car and for experienced drivers. The LED lights built into the Toyota Allion give it a luxurious and sporty look that is popular with younger car fans.
  • Allion has a tapered back end, rear frames that cantilever, and a rear wheel that moves forward. Premio has character lines that go horizontally and side safety molding.

2. Honda Civic

Honda civic image to compare with toyota allion

Honda Civic is the most sold Honda car ever. It sold almost 30 million globally and running for 11 generations. It is in the market for almost 50 years. There is no wonder why Honda Civic is so popular in Bangladesh as well. Honda civic is known for its sporty look, reliability, fuel efficiency, and powerful performance. 


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Toyota Allion VS. Honda Civic pricing comparison

Toyota Allion G Plus Price
Honda Civic EX Price
38 Lakh
41 Lakh

Features comparison

  • The Honda Civic is a popular choice among drivers who want a newer, more dynamic looking car because of its sleek and sporty exterior. The Toyota Allion has earned a reputation for being a sensible and trustworthy car that provides a pleasant ride.
  • Both Honda Civic and Toyota Allion models are made for fuel efficiency, making them suitable for daily commuting and economical driving.
  • Civics tend to have strong resale value due to their reputation for reliability and popularity. However in comparison to Allion, Civic has a bit lesser resale value.
  • The Allion may have a more straightforward and functional design compared to the sportier and more expressive design of Honda Civic.

3. Toyota Axio

The Toyota Axio is a sedan car that falls under the Toyota Corolla lineup. It is very popular among the Bangladeshi customers a for its reliability, fuel efficiency, and practicality. Before Uber became popular, Toyota Axio was used for taxi for its fuel efficiency. However, for being very lightweight, Toyota Axio shakes a lot when it cross 100 km/p.

Toyota Allion VS. Toyota Axio pricing comparison

Toyota Allion G Plus Price
Toyota Axio Price
38 Lakh
27.5 Lakh

Features comparison

  • Toyota Allion is typically larger than Toyota Axio which gives Allion more cargo space and comfortable to travel with.
  • Toyota Allion is great for long trips along with city driving. Toyota Axio is not suitable for long outing as its very lightweight. It shake when cross 100km/h.
  • Toyota Allion is much more luxurious than Toyota Axio. If you are looking for a sleek and stylish car, go for Toyota Allion.
  • Toyota Axio is much affordable than Toyota Allion. If you are looking for a practical car with fuel efficiency in a budget, you can choose Toyota Axio.

4. Toyota Fielder

The Toyota Fielder is a compact station wagon. It is closely related to the Toyota Corolla. Toyota fielder has similar features and components to Toyota Corolla. The Fielder is popular in Bangladesh for its practicality, versatility, and efficient design. It is a best choice for people who need extra cargo space and maintaining the ease of using a compact car.

Toyota Allion VS. Toyota Fielder pricing comparison

Toyota Allion G Plus Price
Toyota Fielder Price
38 Lakh
31 Lakh

Features comparison

  • The Toyota Fielder is a station wagon car that is known for being useful and having more cargo space. In comparison to Toyota Allion, it has a bigger trunk. It you need more space in your car, you should go for Toyota Fielder.
  • As Toyota Allion focuses more on comfort and design, it has more interior comfort than Toyota Fielder.
  • Both Toyota Fielder and Toyota Allion have good fuel efficiency.
  • If you prioritize comfort over cargo space than you should choose Toyota Allion

5. Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla was the best-selling car in the world in 2022, selling 1.12 million  cars all around the world. Toyota is making the 12th generation Corolla car which made is one of the long lasting car series of Toyota Motors. No wonder why we find so many Toyota Corolla everyday in Bangladeshi street.

Toyota Allion VS. Toyota Axio pricing comparison

Toyota Allion G Plus Price
Toyota Corolla G-X Plus Price
38 Lakh
37 Lakh

Features comparison

  • The Toyota Corolla is a compact sedan car that offers enough interior space. It might not be as roomy as the Toyota Allion. It still provides a comfortable cabin space for both front and rear passenger
  • Both Toyota Allion and Toyota Corolla have great fuel efficiency.
  • Toyota Corolla comes in many different models like Corolla Axio, Corolla Cross etc. You will have many options to choose from Toyota Corolla depending on your budget. Toyota Allion on the other hand stop production in 2021. So you are limited to the model in comparison to Corolla.
  • Toyota Corolla and Toyota Allion both have a good resale value in the Bangladeshi and global market.

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